I Made It!

I actually made it to the hospital on Thursday morning. Though the ambulance was a bit late getting here it got me to the hospital and I was able to see my consultant.

It went pretty well. Travelling by stretcher meant I was able to process what was being said and with the help of my notes remembered to mention nearly everything I wanted (I missed a couple of things but they weren’t too important).
He wants me to have a tilt table test cos of my heart being silly and racing when I sit up. I need to speak to the people who do the tilt table tests to make sure it won’t make me loads worse, but I’m hoping it’ll give me an answer to a little bit of what’s going on. It’s Saturday now and I’m not experiencing any payback yet from the journey (I’m not doing great either but I’m about the same as I was before I went- silly cold) so I’m hoping that means I’m tolerating movement better. I’ll know better if I’m getting payback over the next few days.

I’m sad because it was half term this week and because of this stupid cold I’ve not been well enough to go on my computer and talk to Sammie. I managed a short time on there at the beginning of the week but it was during the early hours of the morning so she wasn’t on, and I haven’t been well enough since. I’m hoping if I’m not getting payback to try tomorrow, but if not I’ll figure something out. I also didn’t get the Headless Horseman mount in WoW again this year but since I missed most of the holiday I can’t complain too much.

I wore my penguin onesie for a short while yesterday for Halloween. Had to take it off when I overheated (which coincided with hunger making me shaky so I felt pretty rotten) but I’m happy to have worn it for a little bit. We had two calls from trick or treaters but Johan was too scared to answer the door to them and though our friend/flatmate was willing to for the second lot they’d gone before she got to the door. That’s one more than last year and two more than the year before so I’m fully expecting there to be three next year

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