New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2015

Now is the time I make my resolutions and goals for the year. First of all though I look at last year’s resolutions and see how I did.


  1. Have a bath or a shower. – I managed this one! While I was in the care home in June I had a bath, and felt much cleaner afterwards. Definitely a success.
  2. Sort out health book/care plan. This one I didn’t manage completely. I got the most important bit done, a care sheet for the home care workers I have, but I’ve not done the full health book yet. I think I’ll be continuing this one.
  3. Be kind to others. I asked Johan, and he said I was kind to others. I also feel I was a lot less snappy at people last year, so I think this one was a success.
  4. Be kind to myself. I think I’m doing better on this one. It’s always going to be harder than being kind to others, but I think there was improvement here.

Not too bad overall. I also had a few goals- getting an iPad (I changed my mind on this one, as I now have a decent text to speech app for Android), trying to blog once a month (didn’t manage in September due to being ill), and getting out of bed again, which I did do a few times but nowhere near as much as I’d have liked. I had a Goodreads goal to read 50 books, of which I managed 46 I think (I can’t be sure as I can’t figure out how to see my own past challenges on Goodreads). That’s not too bad and I’m hoping to manage it this year. One goal I did manage to complete though was NaBloPoMo in November, which made me happy 🙂

So, resolutions for this year:

  1. Go to the toilet. This one might sound strange, but I’ve not been on a proper toilet for years. I’m doubly incontinent, but sometimes I can control things a bit. I would really like to go on an actual toilet at some point this year.
  2. Sort out getting the flat sorted. I’m not sure how this one is going to work yet, but it needs doing. If my bedroom, the hallway and the living room are all properly accessible to me in my wheelchair without having to move stuff around, then that will be a good indicator that the flat is getting sorted.
  3. Improve my eating. I’m not gaining weight and I need to. I’m also low on several vitamins and minerals. This one isn’t going to be easy, but I’m hoping that being referred back to the dietician and having more help from the carers when it comes to mealtimes this should be doable. Bonus points if Johan’s eating improves as well 🙂
  4. Finish the health book. I’ve now added this to HabitRPG so I have a daily reminder I need to do this. I’ve also got a working printer, and I’ve bought the last bit of stationery I need so I’m going to really give this a go.

All of them require help from other people, which will make things interesting. The one I can do mostly by myself is the health book, as I can type the pages on here and only need someone to fetch the printouts, the folder and the page protectors for me. I’m also making some goals (all except the reading one I’ve added to HabitRPG to make it easier to remember):

  • Read 50 books. I’ve been well enough to read now for a while, which is awesome. My Kindle Paperwhite makes it easy for me. If I manage this goal, I’ll reward myself with a new Kindle (the new version will make it even easier for me to turn the pages as I just touch the sides rather than the page bit itself).
  • Buy the daybed. Esther will feel loads better if she can sleep on something other than our old sofa. I’ll be able to go into the living room more. Win win. Just need to sort out collection of the old sofa (and the broken wheelchair, old bed frame and several boxes of junk) and actually buy it. I have found one I prefer to the Ikea one on eBay from a few different sellers, so that means I can buy it myself.
  • Get my pictures and posters on the wall. I’ve been wanting to get this done since I moved in, and it hasn’t happened yet. This year I intend to fix that. There’s a lot of them though so it’ll have to be done in bits 😛
  • Play some of the games I already own but haven’t yet tried. I’ve got loads of games that look good on Steam and from Humble Bundles. I know I have limited and inconsistent time on the computer, but I’d like to try at least 5, more if I can. Some of them are for my tablet as well so I can try them even when I’m not on my computer.
  • Catch up with Doctor Who and My Little Pony. Very dependent on being well enough to watch television, but I’m hoping I can manage this.

Lots of things to be getting on with. If my health improves I obviously want to be getting out of bed more, but though it’s better than it was this time last year I know it can be very up and down. Three main symptoms are keeping me in bed- dizziness (which turns into fainting if I’m upright too long), muscle weakness, and muscle spasms (which have improved since I stopped pushing myself too much but still are a daily occurrence). Oversensitivity to everything (well, not everything but it feels like it at times) would need to improve for me to go further than the living room or the ramp outside, as the noise, light, smells and movement are too much otherwise. I’m hopeful though, and maybe seeing Professor Julia Newton will give me some answers.


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