Random Sleepy Thoughts

I got woken up around 1am by the neighbours playing music. They finally stopped about 3am but I’ve had to take cyclizine for the nausea it caused and I’m now sleepy but not quite enough to actually sleep.

DLA form was sent last week. It’s been received but as my end date was the 11th January I’m expecting to go without for a bit.

Johan’s Carer’s Allowance was also meant to stop (as it’s tied to the DLA claim but unlike DLA is paid in advance) yet he got the full amount this morning. Cue confusion. I guess we’ll see how much DLA I get on Tuesday (it should be slightly lower).

I’ve been spending far too many hours making spreadsheets to help me organise what I’m doing in various tablet games. They’re mostly done, though I need to remember one formula I’ve forgotten and Google isn’t telling me. I’m sure it’ll come back to me.

In Dragonvale I’m trying to breed a Panlong Dragon while it’s available. There’s a chance I’ve got it as the breeding time is long enough but there are other cool dragons it can be. The spreadsheet helps me work out which habitats I need and should put dragons into, which ones I should use for breeding and helps me keep track of what dragons I already have.

In High School Story I’m trying to party for a Country female. I keep getting Country males, Slacker males and Musician males. The spreadsheet helps me track which classmate types I’ve already got, what Hangouts I need and the party times of each type. I’m also completing as meant quests as I can, concentrating on the main storyline first. It would be nice if it didn’t conform to the gender binary but I have a few classmates I head canon as trans, genderless or androgynous.

In Hollywood U I’ve finished all the current quests and dates. I’m currently partying for a Composer male, but keep getting Composer females. The spreadsheet is basically the same as the High School Story one. I’m also trying to level a male and female of each type to level 10, so it’s easier for quests as they come along. Once I’ve done that it’ll be levelling any remaining students to level 10 and the main characters to at least level 20. As I’ve a lot less students than in High School Story I only have one trans woman so far.

I’m still playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. I nearly quit but they came out with new quests. This one doesn’t require any brain power or spreadsheets, and I just play it to see how the storyline is going.

I’ve been able to get on my computer quite a bit recently, though mostly at night so not when Sammie has been around much (though I did get to speak to her yesterday which was awesome). I’ve mostly been working on the spreadsheets but also played a bit of World of Warcraft. I did the first part of LFR on Danni yesterday, which was easy. I’m still too scared to do Heroic 5 man dungeons though, as I’ll be the only healer.

The last few days I’ve managed to watch a few Doctor Who episodes. The latest one was Time Travel Heist. It was good, and I’m liking Peter Calpaldi as The Doctor though not how he’s mean to Clara.

Now I’m sleepy tired so it’s time for me to come off my tablet and hopefully not have any nightmares. Mine have been including my pain in them and nightmares about being tortured aren’t fun.

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