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Slept during the day so have done nothing really productive, waking up about quarter past eleven this evening. Tomorrow I’m going out so I really need to fix this.

This morning I wanted toast for breakfast for breakfast, and we had no bread. As Johan was going out he couldn’t go to the shop, so I used the new Amazon Prime Now delivery service to buy some (along with milk, chocolate, biscuits, tracksuit bottoms and a FitBit Charge HR). I placed the order at 9.14am and it arrived at 9.37am. That is the ultimate in impulse shopping 😛 I’m unlikely to use the within the hour delivery unless it’s a real emergency as it’s £6.99, but if they have what I want then I might use the 2 hour same day delivery as that doesn’t cost any extra as I’m already on Prime.

The FitBit is interesting. For some reason it was cheaper on Prime Now than on Amazon’s normal site (£69.99 compared to £124 for the one I wanted). I’ve not figured out how to get it to show my heart rate on my tablet in real time yet, as that’s what I mostly want it for, but it has been interesting seeing how simple tasks like rolling over and eating raise my heart rate. It did think I was asleep when I was just resting this morning but luckily it was easy to correct. When I did fall asleep it seemed to be pretty accurate, also realising when I woke up for Johan coming in. I’m going to class any time sat up as exercise to try and find out how it affects my heart rate.

It was a nice carer this morning. She came on time and is fed up of the agency missing calls and stuff. She got me an email address so I should be able to email them about things now. I’ll probably set up a template for asking where the carer is so if they don’t turn up I can just send an email without worrying about how to write it. The carer made me some nommy toast, got me dressed in comfy clothes (including my new tracksuit bottoms, which are too short but otherwise fit) and is going to ask the agency to put me on her rota for every morning except her day off. This would be great for us as we really like her and she’s one of only two carers I feel safe dealing with by myself.

The evening carer turned up but I had sleep paralysis so wasn’t able to tell her I was awake. I was very tired anyway as I’d not been back to sleep for that long. I don’t think Johan spoke to her.

I’m excited about going out tomorrow. The pain has eased off a little bit- not quite back to normal but more bearable. A lot of it was digestive issues because I ate too much fruit and veg. I need to remember they don’t agree with me and to only have small amounts, even though they’re so nice. I’m hoping to get some sleep before I go out, even if it’s just while Johan is at the day service thingie. If I can get some more sleep tonight though I’d be very happy. Hopefully with having had a decent carer it’ll be easier to sleep.

Nicky’s new body has arrived and I’ll be using penguin magic to transfer them into their new body. I think Patricia is missing Johan a bit 🙂 I also got my noise cancelling headphones which are weird but do seem to work for blocking out noise. I’ll be testing them properly tomorrow when I go out. Squee!

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