Music is Good

The original plan was to go until Newcastle to see Becca but she wasn’t able to make it so as I’m tired we’re going out tomorrow instead. Hopefully I’ll get more than the 1 1/2 hours of sleep I managed this morning.

I’ve mostly been playing the game Loop on my tablet today. It’s very addictive and good for when I don’t have much brain power as I find it easy to work out.

When everyone was out I put the music on the telly really loud* as I couldn’t disturb anyone. I was singing along and flapping and my heart rate went over 150bpm. Whoops. Guess that’s my exercise for the week and I hope I don’t get payback. I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the FitBit as I felt okay at the time. I also made a couple of loom band bracelets to try some new patterns. I’m managing intermediate level stuff now 🙂

Hoping tomorrow I’ll be awake enough to out as I really want to get my hair shaved off. There’s a barbers in Gateshead that looks good so will see if they’re up to the challenge of managing it with me in my chair. I was thinking of Newcastle but maybe on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas isn’t the best time. I’ll go into Newcastle on a weekday to see Fenwick’s window 🙂 I’m tired enough now to sleep through to morning if my brain will let me. Nicky’s new body is so soft and fluffy that I love cuddling them.

*Really loud = volume 20 instead of volume 15.

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