Week 18 Review

Danni is in the their wheelchair outside a polling station. They are wearing sunglasses, a purple hoodie with the hood up, and a purple sparkly blanket. On their lap are two grey penguins. They have a penguin neck cushion around their neck and their right hand is next to their ear.

Johan has this annoying habit of taking photos of me when I’m not ready, and then not taking another when I am.

Mostly a good week, other than my wheelchair breaking on Thursday while going out to vote. It’s getting sorted but I don’t know how long it’ll take.

My body seems to have given up entirely on having a sleeping pattern. I wake up every hour or so to roll over and sometimes have a drink, but will go back to sleep quickly as I can’t stay awake. I had some very long sleeps this week.

Good things that happened include using a fork for the first time in a while (and I’m still paying for it in extra pain in my wrist, but I wanted curry and rice). I watched Liverpool beat Roma to get to the final of the Champions League. I went out to vote (and the person I voted for won). Had banana sammich, twice. Had a hug with Johan! Went on the Surface for a while and managed to video chat with Sammie and do a food shop.

When going out to vote on Thursday, the front wheel of my wheelchair hit the kerb and bent the fork holding it, which means it’s not working properly. Johan got me in to vote and then home okay, and everyone we saw either offered to help or wished us luck. It means I’m not going anywhere until it’s repaired, which is sucky. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

I’ve decided I’m just going to use Sleep as Android and Smarter Time for sleep tracking for now, as it’s more accurate than my watch. I wish Garmin used heart rate for sleep as it’s blatantly obvious when I’m asleep looking at my heart rate history, but it’s trying to just use movement and I don’t move enough. I suspect the deep sleep percentages are overestimating (as it says I’m in light sleep when I’m awake) but I’ll record them anyway. The good news is I apparently don’t snore.

  • Overall mood – Good
  • Average daily sleep – 11 hours
  • Longest sleep – 21 hours 14 minutes from Saturday morning morning to Sunday morning (Deep sleep: 55%)
  • Clothes changed – 2
  • Wipe wash – 1
  • Water wash – 0
  • Hair wash – 0 (need to give my scalp a scrub as soon as I’m well enough)
  • Books read – 1 (Finished The Miracle Inspector)
  • TV watched – Roma against Liverpool. They weren’t able to score enough goals so Liverpool are in the Champions League finals.
  • YouTube videos watched – As Seen on TV product reviews
  • Streams watched – 0
  • Music listened to – Rainbows and Unicorns from Vostok Inc. OST (I like it)
  • Blog posts written – 1
  • Penguins cuddled – yes 🐧🐧🐧
  • Johan hand holds – yes
  • Johan hugs – Yes! I got one on Thursday! I wish they didn’t hurt so much.
  • Time on Twitter – 4 hours 39 minutes (average 39 minutes a day)
  • Time on Reddit – 10 hours 12 minutes (average 1 hour 27 minutes a day)
  • Time on Facebook – 19 minutes (average 2 minutes a day)
  • Other –
    • I am not coping well with not having my wheelchair. Johan asking me if he should eat out after his runs is making me very jealous.
    • I did have a half hour antinap during that epic sleep on Saturday/Sunday, where I had meds and things. Was still half asleep though.
    • My biliary system decided to join in with the spasmy pains after leaving me alone for a while. I’m not impressed.

Game stuff

  • Games played – 5
    • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
    • Cross Stitch
    • Neko Atsume
    • Godville
    • Bury Me, My Love
  • AC: Pocket Camp Level – 95
  • Godville Heroine Level – 53 (8% done)
  • Godville wood for ark – 20.3%
  • Godville savings – 840 thousand
  • Cross stitch completed – 2
  • Most played game – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (8 hours 11 minutes, average 1 hour 10 minutes a day)
  • Other –
    • New flower event in Animal Crossing started on Friday. Apple butterflies that like strawberries apparently.
    • Finished the first play through of Bury Me, My Love by speeding it up. My Syrian wife got asylum in Sweden, but only because she was filmed being beaten by the police. I started a second but I think I’m going to leave it a bit as it’s emotional.
    • Not wanted to play DragonVale this week. Need to remember I’m not obligated to do so.

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