Day 23 – More Cuddles

I think I’m going through a good patch (for me), though we’ll see if that’s the still the case if I get payback from all I’ve done the last few days, including a full body bed bath, a hair wash with water, and more cuddles today 😛

I slept through most of the day, which was good as Johan was out for a Christmas thingie with one of his volunteer things. I woke up in the evening, just before he got home which was great.

This time it was Johan who’d had alcohol, and it made him more open and soppy. We ended up chatting for hours about things, some important, some not. He gave me some awesome news that I can’t share yet but I’m super excited by. He also ended up doing something really brave even though he was scared, and I’m super proud of him.

We didn’t cuddle the entire time as it would have been far too much for me, but the cuddles we did have were awesome. I wish it didn’t hurt but it’s still worth it when I can manage it. Hopefully I won’t get too much payback from everything.

If I’m awake and well enough and Johan is okay I’m hoping to go to the local barbers tomorrow to get my head shaved again, now hair isn’t disgusting. We’ve found one that’s only a few hundred metres from where I live, and only has a small step so Johan should be able to get me in. Someone complained in the reviews that they don’t play music or the radio, which sounds great to me 😛 I might not make it as it closes at 3pm on a Sunday, but we’ll see. If not, I’m going to try and make it during the week while my hair isn’t too bad. Hopefully it’ll be fine.

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