Day 30 – The End

I’ve managed to write 30 blog posts for November. Yay! Being flexible with the timings (it’s still the 30th in the Americas) definitely helped as my lack of sleeping pattern makes it very difficult to stick to the 24 hours of a normal day. I’m backdating this post to make it show in the right month for future Danni.

As I expected I ended up spending most of the day asleep. Before that though I spent a considerable amount of time cuddling Johan, meaning he had to take public transport to Parkrun instead of running there. I’m so mean 😛

We had the Australia against Pakistan cricket match on the telly and I got to see Warner make 300 runs. In football he’d have got a yellow card for excessive celebration 😉 Even though I’m not usually an Australian supporter, it is an incredible achievement and it’s a shame they had to declare so we couldn’t find out how many he could get.

Johan woke me up briefly before he left for the party he was going to. He had trouble finding his nice shoes, and as my feet are so much bigger than his (a size 9 to his size 6) that’s one thing he can’t borrow from me. In the process of looking for them he did find my new key lanyard, so now I just need to find my pins to put on it. I think he ended up wearing a pair of running shoes which is more him anyway.

I never did have a meal as I was asleep for all the care calls. I had a couple of Ritz crackers before going back to sleep and they don’t seem to have caused any issues. Since waking up again I’ve had some Polish sausage so that’ll be the real test. If I digest that okay I’ll probably be fine. My abdominal pain is back down to its normal grumbly level so that’s also a good sign.

I’ve gotten very confused by one of the items I tried to order yesterday. I got an email saying it had been cancelled, so I went and ordered an alternative somewhere else. Then this morning I got a dispatch notice, and checking PayPal it seems it went through twice but only one got cancelled? The address it’s being sent to is also not the one I usually use for deliveries so I’m not sure what is going on. Worst case scenario I either refund this one or the alternative, or I keep it for myself or Johan. Luckily the item isn’t that expensive and it was a lot cheaper than normal.

Now I’m back in the habit of writing, I’m hoping to spend a bit of time each day working on the draft posts I’ve got to finish. One of them is close to done so hopefully it won’t be long. They do require more concentration than these brain dumps do so I’ll need to take that into account, but I find blogging helpful so I want to carry on.

Advent is about to start and I’m hoping I’ll not spend the majority of it super ill. Next week I’m taking Sammie to the cinema for the first time so I’ll need to take it easy this week. Johan also found the Christmas tree so I’ll try and talk him into putting it up this Sunday. I’ve still got things to sort out but having a brain that vaguely works should make it much easier. The hardest part will be not overdoing it. I’m excited!

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