Day 8 – Cold

It’s still technically Friday in Hawaii, so though this post is late it could be worse 😛 I spent most of the time asleep or wishing I was asleep.

The weather has turned really cold here over the last few days, and right now it’s -1°C (30.2°F) outside. I’ve had a rough few days, and Johan reminded me that this happens every time the weather gets like this. It’s not stopping him going out running though.

Not only is the weather cold, but I think I’ve caught another one. Is it possible to have two colds at the same time? I’d not gotten over the last one yet. I can just about deal with the broken temperature monitor, the sneezing and the worsened ME symptoms, but I really struggle with a blocked nose.

What doesn’t help is my nose is generally really dry (as are my eyes and mouth), so when it does get snotty it goes crusty really quickly. This makes clearing it out difficult, especially when my hands aren’t working enough to use the saline nasal spray to make it easier.

My body also decides that instead of breathing through my mouth when my nose gets blocked in my sleep, it’ll instead wake me up telling me I’m suffocating. My sleep has been more fractured than normal because of this. I’ve been a bit of a grumpy pants and I don’t like it.

Sammie is working on a project that she’s really excited about which in turn is making me happy. Johan is working on an app to make it easier for me to communicate with the carers when I’m not doing so good. Eventually it’ll go on a spare tablet we’ve got in the hallway and I’m hoping to be able to tell them things before they come in my room. I currently have to rely on signs on my door and they’re not usually read.

I’m hoping my body lets me sleep again soon. I’ve got things I want to do and no energy to do them. Silly cold.

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