Day 9 – Not the Shoutcaster

Day9 is someone who is a shoutcaster (commentator) for various video games.

Caffeine is good. Caffeine means that even though I’m still full of cold I could actually do something productive. The only downside is it makes it easier to overdo it. I ended up going on the Surface to sort out my emails (which had built up from being too ill for over a week) and also doing the big May update that was finally approved (it had previously had caused issues with the Surface so was delayed by Microsoft). It mostly went okay, but killed DNS while using my custom hosts file so I needed to go back to the default. I guess I’ll use uBlock Origin instead.

I’m currently trying to transition from Chrome to Firefox. This is much easier on a computer than trying to do it on my tablet or phone, especially because I could easily import all my bookmarks and history. It seems to be running a bit faster which is always a bonus. I’m pretty tied into the Google ecosystem but there are addons for the stuff I really need so it should be fine once I get used to the differences.

Johan is doing a long run tomorrow, aiming for at least a marathon at the Saturn Running Remembrance Run. I hope it’s not quite as cold as it was this morning as many Parkruns had to cancel due to the icy weather (Johan ended up in Jesmond Dene which was on). I’m hoping to spend at least a bit of the time he’s out sleeping. He is a silly sausage 😛

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