Project 365: Day 65: 25th August 2011 – Big Penguin

Big Penguin

I missed 4 days. I wasn’t well, and I said at the beginning I wasn’t going to be too upset if I missed any. Getting back into it now though.

Spent a lot of the day in bed resting/laptoping, but also had a bath and went on the computer for a bit. The last few days have been rough, especially yesterday where I felt really ill and was very emotional and things. Mostly better now, though I still don’t have my "normal" level of strength.

I’ve still been playing The Sims Social, but it’s really slow and horrible on my laptop so I’ve just been playing it on my desktop computer. Also found a penguin video that made me happy.

Project 365: Day 64: 20th August 2011 – Activity Diary

Activity Diary

Woke up just as the carer arrived this morning (not favourite carer as it’s her weekend off, but the other carer I get for mornings). Actually got dressed, which is big considering I wasn’t planning on going anywhere 😛

Spent time on my desktop computer for playing World of Warcraft and The Sims Social, as it runs a lot better on there than on my laptop. Annika is starting to show her age (and evil Vistaness).

Found it hard to rest today- kept getting really restless and found it impossible to shut my brain up, even when listening to quiet music. Didn’t help that there was a Newcastle match today so the pub was being extra noisy.

Currently lying on my bed, tired but unable to sleep because the pub is too noisy, even with my ear defenders on. Hopefully they’ll be quiet soon so I can get some sleep.

Project 365: Day 63: 19th August 2011 – Laptop Tray

Laptop Tray

Resting day today, only getting up to play World of Warcraft for a bit, and to get a bath.

Woke up just after favourite carer left, as the postman had a parcel containing my bright pink laptop tray 😀 It’s working loads better than a cushion, and my laptop hasn’t been overheating since I started using it.

I wasn’t going to have my bath tonight as I wasn’t feeling up to it, but when I heard it was favourite carer I decided I’d have it anyway, as she lets me rest enough to be able to manage it. She also changed my bedding while I was in there, which was awesome 🙂

Set up my activity diary on my computer, copying and pasting most of the stuff from my previous one, resetting up the macros, then spending lots of time picking colours 😛 Managed to put some rest into today’s diary, though I know it’s an area I struggle with. I will discuss it with the clinic when I’m next there.

Project 365: Day 62: 18th August 2011 – Results


I think I’m allowed to be happy with them 🙂

Long day. Picked up results at about 8.40am, which meant I left at silly o’clock. My appointment at the CFS clinic was at 11.30am, so we decided to go into Gateshead. On the way to the Metro station one of my footrests fell off. I was able to hold it in place with my foot until we bought some duct tape in Gateshead, where we bodged it back together.

Went around the shops until my appointment. Didn’t buy much, just shampoo, conditioner, duct tape and chicken Bovril (it’s for a recipe).

Went to my appointment, and it went well. They agreed that my mental health problems/autism are not my main issue (though they’re contributing), and there was a definite onset of new symptoms following the bout of Swine flu I had in August 2009. They have offered me Graded Activity Therapy, which looks good. Combines pacing and activity with the aim of gradual improvements. They’re also going to contact my social worker over me getting a walking frame, as I need something more steady if I’m going to be starting to walk again. I also have colour charts and activity diaries to fill in.

Went to the MetroCentre after the appointment, which was okay, but stayed out too long. Spent all day since then in or on my bed, alternating between resting and messing around on the laptop. Johan has also spent the time feeding me and taking me to the toilet.

Project 365: Day 61: 17th August 2011 – Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders

Today was mostly a bed day. As it is a Wednesday, I have no morning carer, so of course I woke up at 10am anyway. Spent most of the morning on my phone or laptop not doing very much.

I did get up for a bit in the afternoon to do Netherwing Dailies in World of Warcraft. They take ages, but are really easy since I’m 15 levels higher than they’re designed for. Should only be a week until I’m exalted then I’ll be able to have a beautiful purple drake 🙂

Had a nice carer for my bath today- she doesn’t normally do my round so I’ve only seen her a few times, but she actually cares and wants to help. She also let me rest between getting out of the bath and getting into nightclothes and hair done 😀

Also today my ear defenders finally turned up- a week late. They fit well, and are bright pink, so I’m happy. Will test them out on the bus tomorrow when I go get my AS Level result and go to the CFS clinic (by wearing them on the bus, not at the appointment :P).