Noise is Bad

The last couple of days we have had workmen in to sort out our new bathroom. It’s mostly done- the shower has been moved, as has the sink so there’s now more room in there and it will mean it’s easier for a carer to wash me. The toilet has also been moved back, but not quite far enough as when I tried to sit on it, I flopped so far back I nearly fell off and Johan had to rescue me. There’s just the floor to do we think. The new pump is noisy, but nowhere near as loud as the old one and I can cope with it fine with my door shut, and should manage in the shower okay with ear plugs, so that will be good. Johan can cope with it okay without anything 🙂

Johan has contacted the OT about the toilet, and also about the shower seat I’ll need (the closer to horizontal the better) and about a full assessment for things that will help me. I don’t mind buying the stuff I need if necessary (I’ve already bought loads that apparently could have been provided for me) but it would be helpful to know what would help.

I tried the no rinse shampoo. It’s brilliant for in between full washes, and makes my hair a lot cleaner than normal dry shampoo. I also bought some bath in bed wipes which are awesome- they contain moisturiser and one wipe does my entire body, so the pack of 8 for 99p is really good value. Much easier for my carer as well 🙂

I’d had to buy a new shampoo basin as my old one broke (the tube to drain it fell off) and went for the deluxe version instead of the cheapest one like last time. It’s well worth the extra £5 (£19 instead of £14, excluding VAT as I don’t pay it). It has an inbuilt cushion that I can rest my head on so I don’t have to hold it up myself, making it much easier. It feels a lot more robust and my carer said it was easier to wash my hair in it. All good for when I’m bedbound and until I get my shower seat 🙂

I’ve been doing really badly during the day- lots of pain, nausea, fatigue, brain fog, muscle spasms and such, but when night time comes I’m doing much better and can even watch stuff on Netflix. This is a problem as Johan needs to sleep at night, and really I do as well but I want to use my better time.

The workmen being in has been horrible, though I’ve just about coped using a combination of ear plugs, ear defenders and music. The hardest bits were when Johan was out (as I couldn’t block the workmen out completely in case they needed something) and when I had to concentrate on what someone was saying.

The new cleaner came Wednesday lunchtime, but as the workmen were here she couldn’t do anything. She’ll be back next week, as Wednesday will be our regular day. As she’ll be coming 2 hours a week hopefully I can look forward to a nice clean flat 🙂

In the meantime, the untidiness of my bedroom is really getting me down. Since I rarely leave it, and I’m unable to do any tidying myself (if I tried not only would Johan yell at me but I’d make myself really ill) I’m relying on other people, and Johan doesn’t seem to get how much it’s depressing me. He has promised that when lovely carer comes in the morning he’ll do some tidying in here with him. I hope he keeps to that. I know how I want my room to be and it will make it easier for Johan as well as make it more bearable for me.

I got my communication cards and my Media Mount for my Trabasack. The communication cards are awesome- just the right size, and on a keyring so I’ll be able to attach them to my Trabasack. I’m thinking of getting one of those stretchy keyrings to attach it with. The Media Mount uses velcro to stick to the surface of my Trabasack. I’ve only been using it to hold my tablet in place up to now, but it can be used in lots of different ways. I bought one but somehow ended up with two- going to try putting one on top of the other to see how that works 😛

I’m still hoping to get to the prom next week. I’m not well enough right now, but I’m going to rest and rest and rest and see if I can get there. I’ve just ordered a tiara as I really want to wear one, but the estimated delivery date is saying it might arrive afterwards. Not good 🙁 I need Johan to go into the college and sort out my locker, so he can buy the prom tickets at the same time. I thought I had no money left but it turns out I’m doing better than I thought I was- must have doubled up on a bill or something.

Johan picked up our clothes from Asda Wednesday evening. It turns out they’d been delivered to the store on the 6th June (estimated date 8th June) but apart from a note that one item was out of stock, they forgot to send us a text message or email to say they were ready for pick up. I was really brave and phoned up to ask what was happening. The guy on the phone had to ask me to repeat a few things as some of the sentences I was coming out with didn’t make any sense, and I had to ask him to repeat things a few times as I couldn’t hear properly, but I got there in the end. I even arranged a refund for the delivery cost of my trousers as they were supposed to be next day delivery but took three days. Using the phone is slowly getting easier, but it’s still not reliable.

I got a purple tropical sundress, a white long sleeve top (to wear under other tops/dresses when it’s a bit cooler), a pink skirt, and a 2 set bikini. It’s been years since I last had a bikini but I want to try hydrotherapy at some point and my swimming costume will be massive on me now. I’ve also discovered I’m a size 12 now, though I’ve bought a few items in a size 14 they shouldn’t be too loose hopefully.

I also bought Johan two pairs of black jeans, a black t-shirt and some socks as he needs them. Apparently the black jeans are his favourite type, as they feel really soft. That should be good for him 🙂

I’m finally accepting that I’m probably not going improve a lot any time soon. I’ve been mostly bedbound for nearly a year now, having pushed my way through college but damaging my health to do it. I’ve been unable to walk for about 18 months. I’ve reached the point now where I’ve stopped deteriorating, instead I’m bouncing up and down the severe end of the functioning scale.

Even at my best I can’t sit up unsupported for more than a minute or two, can’t hold a pen or cutlery, can’t answer questions for more than a few minutes (thanks, autism), can’t dress myself independently, can’t crawl or self propel my wheelchair, can’t wash myself. I often need to be fed as I can’t manage it myself. If I can get in my wheelchair at all I need it tilted and slightly reclined to be able to manage it. Johan has to help me with most transfers. I lose speech often. I struggle to follow conversations even in text, which is normally my strongest method.

At my worst I have to lie completely flat in a dark, silent room, with no interaction with anyone, and struggle to even roll over, or chew and swallow food. Pain is unbearable and even the smallest thing can be too much. Luckily I’ve only had two relapses that have been that bad, with the one in April not being as bad as the one in December.

I have things I like doing. I like reading Twitter, as I can dip in and out whenever I can and the short tweets are easy to follow. I like reading blog posts- it doesn’t matter if I understand them or not. I wish I could comment more on the blogs I read but that is often too difficult. I play Draw Something and Bejeweled Blitz with/against my friends. I listen to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic music. I cuddle Penguin and Katie. I stim using my dummies (sucking, smelling, rubbing on my face, fiddling between my fingers). I chat to Johan or lovely carer. When I can I like going into the living room and watching television or playing World of Warcraft. I go out in my wheelchair.

Accepting that I’m probably going to be at this level for a while means I can adapt. I’m asking the OT for more equipment to help me manage. I can try and make goals that I can accomplish at this level. I can look into activities that I can do now, rather than ones that require me to have better control over my hands. I can try and stop overdoing it with things that don’t matter (Johan is trying to help with this).

The interaction between M.E. and autism makes life interesting. Not being able to have short bursts of activity with rests in between as I struggle with transitions, instead I have longer periods of activity with longer rests, which isn’t as good but works better for me. Not being able to hold things properly, I hook stuff around my hand or finger instead, or use my arms to hold things. Accepting that I just “phase out” of conversations and that everyone who talks to me is either aware of this or has it explained to them when it happens. Laughing about stuff. Celebrating everything I can do. Taking joy out of small things like colour changing light and penguins. I’m still happy.

Edit: Realised this blog post didn’t have a name. That is wrong so I’ve fixed 😛

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