Bumpity Bump

Things with the new carer aren’t going as well as we hoped. She’s new to caring and makes a lot of assumptions that aren’t true. We also feel very uncomfortable with her in our flat and she gives out far too much information about her other clients, which isn’t good. She’s also really late to every call- over 40 minutes late this morning. I know we said being a bit late was okay, but without contact that’s too much.

We’re going to have to email the care agency to see if we can change main carers as this isn’t working properly. She is so loud she wakes me up when I’m sleeping, which is not good for me. We knew it wouldn’t be the same as with Lovely ex-Carer (who says I should now call her Crazy American now, but I’m not so sure about that) but the other carers we’ve had from this agency have been nicer and easier to deal with.

Johan is also not doing as great, but we think it’s directly related to the new carer. Things got a bit scary yesterday morning as he really wasn’t coping, but I managed to calm him down a bit. Some of it is the change (it was affecting him before it happened) but some of it is not coping with the new carer. As I’ve been asleep he’s had to try and deal with her by himself, and it’s not really been working well.

My sleep has gotten a little out of it’s normal pattern. The new carer being so loud as to wake me up isn’t helping, as it made me overtired and made it even harder to get to sleep. Bleh. I’m hoping to nap soon to try and catch up as I feel exhausted.

I’ve managed going in the living room every day for the past few days 😀 I may be fully tilted and reclined in my wheelchair, but it means I’ve been able to go on my computer and play some games. I also went into the living room for Lovely ex-Carer’s party after she’d finished work. We watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (she does like it :P) and had chocolate cake. It was awesome. We’re already missing her.

This blog (and my old one) has moved servers. Since J & D Hosting is closing down, Johan has found a VPS and he’s hosting my blogs on there as I’m not well enough to do the management bit now. He didn’t know originally, but is learning 🙂 There were a few minor issues but it looks like everything is working okay now.

Johan has gone to watch some cricket. He’s at Durham to watch them play against Lancashire (he wants Durham to win). It’s 20Twenty so only lasts about 3 hours, which is good. I’m probably going to nap so will be okay. He’s not been to see cricket live before so I hope he enjoys it. He picked out his seat and the photo he posted on twitter shows he picked well 🙂


I upset my sisters. I have very low tolerance for intolerance of any kind (which is a big failing of mine), especially from people who should know better. They didn’t understand that generalising about a group of people on the grounds of race is racist. I shouldn’t have said they were publicly but I was very frustrated. Some friends tried to explain better but were attacked by Becca, who also wrote a very upsetting comment about us needing to get off the computer and get a life (all of us are ill in various ways and degrees, and being on the computer helps).

That was related to the horse. I’m not sure if it’s still there (I haven’t heard it since Friday) but Lovely ex-Carer has seen some people there looking after it and it has/had water and stuff so I’m less worried now. It certainly looks happy and in good condition (I went to see it on Friday morning) so while it’s random, it’s not too worrying.

I think I’m going to nap now. I’m liking being able to get out of bed, but stuff is very tiring.

2 thoughts on “Bumpity Bump

  1. I’ve been using a straightforward shared hosting arrangement since about 2004 to run by blogs – I can’t remember the exact monthly cost but it’s about £7 these days. How much does a VPS cost? Must cost a lot more than shared. I know you get more security (SSH for example) but I couldn’t afford to pay much more unless I was getting someone else to cover the cost partly by, say, paying me to host their blogs. Were you breaking even with J&D?

    Sorry to hear the new carer isn’t working out. If she’s yapping about other clients to you then she’s obviously doing the opposite as well. I hope you can give her the shove before she knows enough!

  2. The VPS costs roughly 20 quid a month. I wanted to run my own emails and stuff too so a standard shared hosting didn’t feel like enough. Being able to use SSH is also a big bonus and we can fix any issues that we have without relying on others to do it. I prefer the freedon 🙂

    As for the new carer, I’m fed up. I’m already feeling down about the whole thing, each time she visits it gets worse.

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