NaBloPoMo, Annika, Windows 8 and Stuff

I’m attempting NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) again this year. That means I’m going to try and post something everyday this month. Now, because I’m not very well I’ve decided that I’m going to try and get slightly ahead- I have a few draft posts that I’m going to try and finish so if I’m having a bad day I can just post that. I’m also undergoing Project Upgrade Annika. Annika is the name of my laptop 🙂 After realising that it was going to take a while for me to find a replacement (and there are always other things that require the money first) I’ve decided to try and make my current one work better. So far I’ve upgraded her from Windows Vista to Windows 8, and increased her RAM from 2.5GB to 4GB. Changing the operating made a massive difference to start with- she ran a lot faster and programs that she used to struggle with or be unable to run (such as World of Warcraft) now run more like they’re meant to. I’ve not really seen the benefit of the RAM increase yet as it was only done yesterday and I’ve only been using it a couple of hours for web based stuff, but it should help when I play games and things as 1GB is allocated to the graphics card now.

Windows 8 is interesting. I’m trying the Metro interface (yes, I know it’s not called that now but it is to me) and on a single screen laptop, it actually doesn’t work that badly. I have Start 8 if I need it as I bought Object Desktop for Fences and WindowBlinds and Deskscapes for my desktop, but I’m doing okay at the moment. I have noticed a bug where if I swap between the Chrome app and the desktop app, Chrome crashes when I switch back, but as I can restore the tabs it’s not a major issue and until it’s fixed I’ll just make sure anything I’m editing is saved.

Danni as a Penguin Fairy PrincessFor Halloween I dressed up as a Penguin Fairy Princess. I wore my penguin onesie, my purple tutu, and Penguin wore his matching tutu. I considered getting wings but I couldn’t figure out how to wear them in the wheelchair. Penelope borrowed Erica’s dress as she wanted to get dressed up too. I was very happy 🙂

We only got one trick or treater, so now I have a bucket of chocolates to eat (with Johan to help). This isn’t going to be a big hardship, as they’re all chocolates I like. I’m trying to convince Johan to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas as it’s an awesome film, but he’s being stubborn and saying no.

I have discovered I can manage watching Star Trek: Voyager! It helps that I’ve seen it all before so I know what happens and it’s easier to follow. Johan doesn’t want to watch it as he’s scared he’ll get obsessed, as he’s watched clips on YouTube and seen why I like it so much. This makes me very happy.

My DLA form is getting there. I hope to get it all completed and sent off next week. Johan has some typing up to do and I’ve got some supporting evidence to copy and send, but hopefully if they read the form I should be okay. I’m going to pay to send it special delivery so they can’t claim they’ve not received it, and will make sure I keep copies on my computer (I’m going to be typing all the answers anyway but will have it all together). I found my first DLA form on my computer the other day- I think the older form was actually a bit easier, as they had a separate category for falls and blackouts, and a lot of the boxes were more flexible.

Johan had his flu jab yesterday. He got diazepam off the doctor in advance, and managed it without too much panicking from what he told me. I was asleep as I slept 15 1/2 hours yesterday- longer than I was expecting but I really needed it. He fell asleep when he got home, but when he woke up again he didn’t have any anxiety and felt up to going to the local pizza shop for our tea (he didn’t trust himself to cook). It seemed to have worn off when he went to sleep again this morning, but he was happy and that made me happy 🙂

I’m still spending as much time on my computer in World of Warcraft. I do dailies and I’m trying to make some money on the auction house with my tailoring. As I don’t have the high level enchants yet I’m not putting them up yet, but I’m also keeping an eye on cooking materials and food so I can make some gold with them. At the moment I’m saving my Ironpaw tokens to get a cooking bell, which means I’ll get my own cookery student. That will be fun 🙂 As I have the Tillers at Exalted now and everyone is my best friend, I have 16 farm plots, which I’m mostly using for Motes of Harmony at the moment to make Imperial Silk for my tailoring.

The daily quests I’m currently doing are The Tillers (quick and easy and fun), The Anglers (easy, fun and I’m only revered with them), The Klaxxi (currently revered and the Enhancements and Augmentations I have are fun) and Golden Lotus (currently honoured but within a couple of days of revered). When I get Golden Lotus to revered I think I’m going to drop Klaxxi and maybe Golden Lotus temporarily so I can concentrate on August Celestials and Shado-Pan. I will be getting all the reputations to exalted at some point, but I want to make sure I don’t overload myself with dailies and burn out. I’ve already got the Cloud Serpents to exalted as well as the Tillers, which makes me happy 🙂

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