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I'm out of bed! Yay!
Danni in the hospital restaurant

A quick update post, as a longer rambly post is beyond me.

  • I’m not as bad as I was. Still nowhere near good, or the level I was in November before the relapse started, but three pillows happens sometimes.
  • Johan went to London and met John and Hank Green, and saw Maureen Johnson. John said “hi” to me via Johan. I got the signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars that has John Green’s signature in purple sharpie and a green Hanklerfish.
  • Johan then went to Leeds to see his parents and met up with a friend. They had good noms.
  • Vicky stayed with me. It was good. I managed not to spend too long chatting to her, helped by having no speech when she arrived.
  • Vicky is good at the personal care thing, but there are areas that the dyspraxia really shows. Like wiping my bum. And spilling as much porridge on me as ended up in my mouth while she was feeding me.
  • Saturday (when Johan went to London and Vicky arrived) I was very ill. I nearly ended up going to A+E with urinary retention but my bladder decided to stop spasming in time. Was very painful, and I was worried it would cancel Johan’s trip.
  • Just after the last post, Matilda died. We bought a new, shinier motherboard and CPU, gave Johan the motherboard (I got his- the new one was the one up from the one he had) and I installed Windows and Kubuntu. It is much much faster than my old one. My computer is still called Matilda.
  • I’ve been very up and down. I go from complete paralysis to being able to go on Matilda, sometimes in the same day. Yay fluctuating illness!
  • I am one day away from Exalted with Golden Lotus and the Klaxxi in World of Warcraft. I’ve not been well enough to go in and finish it.
  • Many of my friends are leaving my guild in World of Warcraft as they want to raid more than my guild can offer 🙁
  • I’ve lost more weight. We need to tell the dietitian. She hasn’t sent the supplement prescription details to my GP for my GP to prescribe yet.
  • I’ve seen the GP. We have agreed I can take double tramadol when I need it so long as I don’t exceed the daily limit of 8 tablets. That is fine by me.
  • I went to the hospital for a scan. It was the first time I’d got out of bed (excluding the half getting out of bed to weigh myself followed by collapse that I’ve done a couple of times as I needed to check) since November.
  • The ultrasound was clear. That’s both good (there’s nothing seriously wrong with me in that area) and bad (we don’t know exactly what is causing my pain).
  • I managed the trip with lots of drugs (also how I managed the weighing myself) and because I was having a really good day anyway (for recently). We went to the hospital restaurant after the scan where I had a cup of tea and a pizza panini. The cup of tea was amazing, especially since everyone else had been drinking tea and I wanted it desperately.
  • The upstairs neighbours are still being very noisy and inconsiderate. I’ve not had a reply to my email yet so I need to redo it and send it to the housing office proper. I don’t have the spoons to do it.
  • Our opposite neighbour had his door smashed in. I was very brave and told the police (through Johan) what I heard. Considering the cyclizine had kicked in and I was half asleep when it happened and even more so when they arrived, I think that was why I managed it as I was too tired to panic.
  • There is a CCTV camera in the upstairs part of the block (in the communal area). We did not know this until the police asked Johan who owned it.
  • Buses are still more comfortable than ambulances when you have a wheelchair with decent suspension that tilts and reclines.
  • Johan has started taking Seroxat. He is getting some unpleasant side effects but hopefully they will ease off soon. We’re hoping they’ll help with the depression and anxiety.
  • Vicky brought up the idea that Johan may have ADD after watching how distracted by everything he gets when trying to do something (like packing for his trip). It makes sense. If nothing else, I’m going to look into the self help management techniques to see if they can help him now I’m not well enough to organise him.
  • I’ve been able to re-read some children’s books. But replying to Facebook messages is too hard. My brain fog is weird.
  • I got sucked into TV Tropes again for a week. I’ve only just got out, but it did lead me to read some fan fiction (with commentary) and start re-reading the St Clare’s books by Enid Blyton again.
  • I have forgotten loads of stuff from the St Clare’s books. Seems I remember Malory Towers better.
  • There is a load of bullying in the St Clare’s books. I missed that when I was a kid.
  • One of my favouritest people in the world has got engaged 😀
  • I have amazing, awesome friends.
  • Johan is brilliant, and I can’t imagine being without him.
  • Penguins should rule the world. They’d do a lot better than silly humans.
  • Purple is the best colour.
  • Even my short updates end up really long. Guess I have a lot to say even in bullet point form.
  • I hope I’m getting better, but won’t know for sure for a few days.

I want to blog more but writing stuff is harder than reading it. So maybe I keep reading children’s books and if I’m stuck, I write with bullet points as it seems my blog posts end up just as long anyway 🙂

8 thoughts on “Stuff That Happened

  1. Regarding ADD, I’ve found a lot of good, practical ideas in a book called ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Judith Kolberg. That said, I don’t have ADD – I used it to cope with the difficulties concentrating and focusing that came from my meds. But it’s definitely worth a look.

    I hope you are getting better! *hugs*

  2. Nice to see an update and catch up on your news. I loved the Malory Towers books as a child (I really wanted to go there!) and reread them a couple of years ago. But I don’t think I read more than one or two of the St Clare’s ones. I might have to track down some for a reread.

  3. *hugs* I am continuing to pray for you, Danni, thinking of you lots. <3 I hope Johan will be able to be helped in regarding to his possible diagnosis. I'm sure it'd be useful for the both of you. 🙂

    The Malory Towers book are great, I haven't read them for a little while now but I think I'll get them out via kindle. I don't think I've read the St Clare's books, I'll have to give them a try.

    I'll drop you an email to say hello sometime soon, but please don't feel like you need to reply!

    All my love,


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