For some unknown reason, I’ve started improving. Not just the small improvements I normally get when coming out of a relapse though- I feel much stronger, and have so far sat on the edge of the bed unsupported for 30 seconds (Johan stayed there to be sure I didn’t fall) and sat on my bed for much longer. Then I cuddled Johan for half an hour because I’d not been well enough for hugs for weeks and I really wanted them.

Last night (unfortunately I’m nocturnal at the moment but my sleeping pattern will fix itself when it wants to) I found that after the normal blehness that comes from waking up had worn off, I was feeling just as strong as I did the day before. I was playing some World of Warcraft and planned to try getting into my wheelchair, when the power went off. Unfortunately there was a fault with an underground power line and it took over 4 hours, cutting the cable and adding fuses (according to Terry at Northern Powergrid, who was keeping me informed via Twitter) to get it back up. When the estimate changed from 1am to 4am (at 1.30am) Johan went under my bed and lowered the head of it manually, as although I was doing okay with having the head of the bed up we didn’t want to risk me becoming more ill. Without the bed working or lights (we had a couple of torches though Johan had misplaced some of them) getting into the wheelchair wasn’t feasible so has been postponed until I next feel well enough. If I’m lucky that’ll be after I’ve woken up again 😀

I honestly cannot explain why I’m doing the best I have in about 2 years. Going from incredibly weak (unable to even roll over or raise my head off the pillow weak) to being able to support myself for a bit in less than 2 weeks is amazing. I’m incredibly grateful for it, and I’m hopeful it’ll continue and I might even get better completely. If not though, I’ll remember these days as good days anyway. I think resting plenty might have had something to do with it, and there’s prayer as well which I know can work sometimes, though not always as expected.

I’m not completely better. My digestive system still hates me, I’m still getting a lot of nausea, pain is still a big problem. I still have a some muscle spasms, though they’re mild at the moment. But I’m doing so much better than I was even at Christmas that it feels amazing, and I really want this to be a long term thing. I’m praying 🙂

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