I’m okay. Physically not great, but I’m coping. More explanation soon.

The world is weird. And good. Right now I can only access a tiny part of it, but I’m here and it knows. Speech and sounds lose meaning and become music in my head. Sometimes loud, scary and painful, but mostly gentle and pleasant.

I try and read on my tablet and the words bounce around and change shape and become something other than words. The things I can see in this darkened room gain colour and movement and dance. I let them, as it makes me know I’m here. I can still see them with my eyes closed.

I go back to the world of language and meaning when the room becomes brighter and I sense someone come in. The world I’m normally most comfortable in, the one I’ve had to learn it’s okay to leave sometimes. I used to only leave it when awake during overload, so found it scary. I know now that leaving words behind isn’t bad, especially as words take energy that is in limited supply. I need it to interact with people though, as I don’t know how to communicate without it.

I don’t know how to describe it properly, the world without words. I know others spend more time there, and are much more used to it. Many find it easier than words. I never used to, but now words don’t always make sense so I’m learning how to be without them again, like I know I must have before. Without overload it’s beautiful.

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