Whoopsie, Backwards

Things went well in the care home until they didn’t. A couple of nights they didn’t check on me frequently enough, causing my pad to leak (I hate that, it makes me feel really uncomfortable and embarrassed, which I’m normally not about being incontinent). Then one night they pretty much forgot I existed. Well, the nurse knew I was there and gave me my medication, but she didn’t let the night staff know (they hadn’t been in since I’d gone in) so they left me for 7 hours. People on Twitter ended up calling the care home (thank you!) and they eventually sorted me out (after 2am), but by that point I was dehydrated, my hand were red, cold and numb from the window being open, and I was tired and still needed changing into my night clothes as I’d been out that day. The only reason I didn’t have a pad leak was because I was dehydrated. It was horrible.

I’ve not been as well since. I really wasn’t well enough for my chair to come home, but we did it anyway because I needed to. I was meant to see my consultant on the 16th June but that didn’t happen as though I was told to be ready by 12.30pm for a 3pm appointment, the ambulance to take me didn’t arrive at mine until 3.20pm (and my consultant is super busy so they couldn’t fit me in later). Apparently we should have told them the appointment was time sensitive. I thought all hospital appointments were?! In a way it was a good thing as I wasn’t well and I was dreading the travel.

My 28th birthday I mostly slept. When I was awake Johan got me a McDonalds as I really wanted one and he’d bought me some cupcakes from French Oven which were nice. I got some lovely cards and Vivacia Dreams sent me some awesome presents 😀 I am so lucky 🙂 Sammie also sang me happy birthday on Skype, which made me very happy.

Johan finally had his care assessment which said he has substantial care needs (same level as mine). He’s not too happy about it but hopefully they’ll provide the help he needs soon. They’re arguing over whether it should be learning disabilities or mental health who should cover him (as autism doesn’t fit either) but we don’t really mind so long as it happens.

We decided to get Sky Sports for a bit as we both like Cricket and Formula 1, and Johan is getting into football 😛 While sorting that out Johan managed to get us a discount and get us 152mbps broadband (though we somehow get 160mbps download- Virgin Media’s false advertising :P). He also ordered a SuperHub 2 which has (after a couple of days teething problems) fixed our wireless problems. We’ll have to wait to see if it’s fixed the router randomly breaking issue, though I think it probably has.

I also bought a Chromecast. I’ve been considering it for a while, and wanting to watch YouTube on my television without a couple of minute delay (how long it takes using the TiVo box) pushed me to get it. I’m really happy with it, as not only is watching YouTube videos really easy now, but I can also watch Twitch streams and play games on it. It’s also really easy to stream TV shows and films so I’ve watched a few more episodes of My Little Pony and I’m hoping to watch Brave soon.

I won tickets to the Durham Jets Twenty 20 match on the 4th July. I was hoping to be well enough to go myself (wishful thinking mostly) but when it became clear I wouldn’t be, we contacted NatWest (who I won them from) and got them transferred to Johan (who already has a season ticket, but yeah). My friend Sue wanted to go, so we gave her and her mum a ticket. Unfortunately the cricket never got started due to rain, but I did get to meet Sue which was awesome 😀 I’m hoping to see her again at some point, and my goal is to be well enough to go to the cricket next year.

Vicky also visited as she was back in the UK for a little bit from Palestine. It was really nice to see her, especially as last time she was here I wasn’t really well enough to talk to her. She brought with her a copy of the updated version of her book, Caged in Chaos, which I’d been intending to get for Johan (and will get on Kindle for myself when that’s updated because I currently can’t read print books)  and a gorgeous purple ring for me 😀

Otherwise I’ve mostly been Skyping with Sammie when I can and playing games with her, and having the odd medical visit (CFS team, who couldn’t do the transfer stuff because I wasn’t well enough; GP because of me drinking loads; district nurses due to bed sore on my ear) every so often. I’m resting loads, still getting the odd 16 hour sleep (not helpful for bed sore on ear), and hoping I start improving again soon. I am also slowly starting to accept I’m bendy, after Johan pointed out my arms bend backwards when I think they’re straight, and it looks like I meet the criteria for EDS with that and several other things. At some point I really need to list everything that may be relevant from my medical history (joint pain since I was kid, dismissed as growing pains for years; fainting as a teenager when stood up too long; stamina issues since childhood when walking; acid reflux since I was at least 5 years old; cuts and bruises taking months to heal; local anaesthetic not working; lots of other stuff) as what I thought was normal is becoming obvious that it wasn’t. Is hard though. It might not be EDS, but I want to find out as it’s genetic.

I’m hoping to fix my sleeping pattern at some point, as I’ve gone nocturnal again. Right now my biliary system is being annoying (gallstone-type pain) so I have to wait for that to calm down. Could be worse – I’m not screaming and distraction is working at least some of the time right now. Pain sucks.

I’m gonna improve at some point. Just a bit impatient for it to happen now 😉

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