Week 3 Review

Danni is lying in bed, with an eye mask on their head pushing their hair upwards. They are trying to wave and smile, but it's not effective. The picture is tinted purple due to the light. Danni is lying in a day bed. Their eyes are closed and they have a massive grin on their face. Danni is lying on a day bed. They have a huge smile and are sticking their tongue out.

I spent most of this week feeling pretty bleh, mostly due to payback from Esther’s visit. I ended up turning my alarms off as waking up for the care calls was meaning I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I wasn’t well enough to have much done anyway- was in too much pain for washing or changing clothes so it was mostly just pad changes, food, drinks and penguins. The first photo (that Johan took) was pretty typical for most of the week.

On Friday I started feeling a little bit better. I ended up staying awake a long time, which normally comes just before a change in how I’m doing (either good or bad). By the early hours of Saturday I felt well enough to sit up in bed more than I have in months, so I knew I was over the worst of the relapse and payback. I had a long sleep from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning, and once I’d gotten over the waking up awfulness I knew I was doing better.

I sat up really high for me in bed, to the point where Johan said it looked like I was actually sitting up! (Normally my sitting up still looks like lying down to most people, just not flat). As I was managing that without any issue, and I was no longer feeling horrendous whenever I moved, I asked Johan to take me into the living room. After a bit of grumbling he did it, and it was amazing! It had been over 4 months since the last time I got out of bed at all, and it felt really weird being in a different room. I didn’t want to push it too much so was only in my wheelchair to get me into the living room then I went on the day bed in there, but it was awesome being in the same room as Johan and having a different view. Until it got too dark I could see the snow falling outside which was really cool. The second and third photos were taken in there, Johan taking the second and me the third.

Johan went to the gym for a run, after checking I’d be okay staying in the living room (I promised I wouldn’t fall out of bed- the cushion tends to stop me). I mostly just played mobile games and read Reddit while in there, which is the same as what I do normally in bed but the different surroundings made it so much better. He arrived home just after the care workers came for my evening call, and they were very confused when I wasn’t in my bedroom. They changed the sheet on my bed (much easier to do when I’m not in it, and desperately needed as I hadn’t been well enough to have it done since Christmas), hoisted me back into my chair and then from my chair into my normal bed, and then it was just the normal personal care and food and penguins. I’m still on a big high from it, and will see how I do over the next few days before deciding what next.

I’ve got my PIP tribunal at the beginning of February, so I’m probably not going to go out before then (as we said I’d be there). I’m hoping to manage being in the living room at least again before then. If I don’t, at least I’ll be able to remember I did it this time πŸ™‚

As you can imagine right now I’m super happy. What also helped with that is that yesterday was Penguin Awareness Day. We should all be aware of penguins and how awesome they are.

Now for my normal stuff.

  • Overall mood – Good, with a couple of mehs (when I felt particularly rotten) and a couple of excited/amazings (being well enough to get out of bed!)
  • Average daily sleep –Β  8 hours 3 minutes (of 9 hours 51 minutes trying) – a big improvement
  • Longest sleep – 11 hours 46 minutes from Saturday evening to Sunday morning (of 16 hours 1 minute trying)
  • Clothes changed – 0 (Was too ill until today, and prioritised going in the living room)
  • Wipe wash – 0 (same reason)
  • Water wash – 0
  • Books read – 0 (I really need to pick a book to read next. I just get overwhelmed by choice then go back to Reddit :P)
  • TV watched – 0
  • YouTube videos watched – 2 (Penguin videos for Penguin Awareness Day)
  • Music listened to – Do It For Her from Steven Universe. I tried to listen to some more songs but gave up after a couple of minutes.
  • Blog posts written (including this) – 1
  • Penguins cuddled – many 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧
  • Johan hand holds – plenty
  • Johan hugs – 1 (While I was in the living room I had the best cuddle from Johan. It made an already awesome day even better.)
  • Time on Twitter – 11 hours 48 minutes
  • Time on Reddit – 19 hours 18 minutes
  • Time on Facebook – 53 minutes
  • Other –
    • Tried the giant banana from the massive sweet box. It was disgusting πŸ™ I was very disappointed.
    • Super proud of Sammie for how she’s handling stuff (being a teenager is hard).
    • Johan read the 25% ME Group magazine to me. I need to figure out renewing my membership.
    • Got a new calendar from DoodleCats. Is adorable. Need to find command hook to put it up.
    • I think I’m finally over the relapse! It’s so nice to feel more like Danni-normal! I’m hoping I don’t get too much payback from going into the living room.
    • I wrote this blog post on my Surface tablet. So much easier than on Android, especially as it has a keyboard. Photos are particularly hard to do as the app sucks for it.

Game stuff

  • Games played – 5
    • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
    • Cross Stitch
    • Neko Atsume
    • Godville
    • DragonVale
  • AC: Pocket Camp Level – 65
  • Godville Heroine Level – 47 (69% done)
  • Godville wood for ark – 3.1%
  • Godville savings – 167 thousand
  • Cross stitch completed – 2
  • Most played game – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (22 hours 27 minutes)
  • Other –
    • The second stage of the butterfly event in Animal Crossing:Pocket Camp is really frustrating. Luckily I have some very kind friends who leave me lots of butterflies so I only need 5 more gold winter ones to complete.
    • I’ve had to make a list of everyone who is gifting me butterflies so when I do catch them I can share with them. Feels bad that for every 4 or 5 they give, I only catch 1 so can’t return as many.
    • Got my first level 20 animal in AC:PC. Tex is a cute penguin πŸ™‚
    • Finished all the free cross stitch patterns, and used some of my coins to buy the first cat pack. The first one I did is an orange cat who isn’t as awesome as Bilbo but still pretty. Bonus cross stitch picture below.
    • I’m considering taking a break from DragonVale once Bring it Back is over. I’ve got all the main dragons and eggs, and the rift is a bit overwhelming. I’ll probably return for the next event.

A virtual cross stitch picture of an orange cat.

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