Day 27 – Digestive Woes

I seem to have upset my digestive system. Since it can be upset by basically anything, I’m not entirely sure what it is this time, but it is quite annoying.

The worst part is having to wake Johan up multiple times a night for pad changes. He ends up being really tired the next day and I feel guilty, but he also tells me off if I don’t wake him up so I can’t win. The second worst part is the pain. For some reason I can’t cope as well with abdominal pain as well as my other various pains (the only worse one being dental/facial), so I get tired and grumpy from that. Heat helps a bit but I have to be careful not to burn myself.

My stomach isn’t currently working very well. I’m getting full and nauseous from much less food than normal (it took me 19 hours to eat one sandwich) and I’m bringing it back up for hours longer than I’m used to. My medication is also taking longer to get working as I’m still bringing it up an hour later (tramadol without the capsule tastes disgusting). It’s been dodgy on and off all my life, but sometimes it gets really bad and it seems like now is one of them.

I think I’m going to swap to mostly liquid and easily digested food for a couple of days to give it a chance to sort itself out. I usually do this when I haven’t got the spare energy to chew, but I’m fine with that at the moment. Silly body.

Other than that I’m still on a high from going out and getting my head shaved. I slept through most of the day though did get some reading done which I’m happy about. I’m expecting the worst of the payback to start hitting soon, so there may be even more sleep in my future, but that’s okay. I’m happy and that’s the important thing šŸ˜Š

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