Need More Penguins

Wearing my Blizzcon t-shirt. Primrose wanted to say hi too.
Wearing my Blizzcon t-shirt. Primrose wanted to say hi too.

Always need more penguins.

Today is the second day of Blizzcon. I’m so happy I’ve been well enough to watch most of it. Yesterday I managed to watch stuff all the way through to the end of the costume contest, which was awesome. Today I started watching stuff when it began again, and if there hadn’t been a little accident with the fire alarm I’d have probably watched it all the way through today. As it is I’m taking a bit of a break now from watching it to kinda rest and to write this. I even put my Blizzcon t-shirt on today (though the awesome picture is on the back so not easily seen when in bed, and the dark grey on black isn’t easy to see in photos).

With the fire alarm that didn’t affect me too badly by itself (a bit of body jerking and becoming non-verbal which I can cope with), but the care call alarm went off (to check we’re okay) and the high pitched noise of that went right through me and made me feel horrendous for a bit. Yup, the care call alarm is worse than a fire alarm. If it weren’t for the fact if there is a fire it could save my life (they know I’m bedbound and will call the fire brigade if there’s actually a fire/we don’t tell them we’re okay if the alarm has gone off) then I’d consider getting rid of it.

My favourite parts of Blizzcon so far have been the World of Warcraft panels, the announcement of Overwatch (first multiplayer shooter game I really want to play) and the Hearthstone expansion Goblins vs Gnomes. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen though other than the technical difficulties 😛 If I weren’t too ill I’d be playing all the Blizzard games I have right now (that’s World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm). As it is I’m hoping I’ll be okay on Thursday to play at least some of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor.

Of the Overwatch stuff we’ve seen so far, Tracer is my favourite character but I really dislike her accent (fake cockney). Surely Blizzard could find a British voice actor for their British character?! The idea behind her character is awesome though. The character I’d most feel comfortable playing from a type perspective will probably be Mercy, as she’s the main healer character. The whole idea is just awesome though and the cinematic they had was amazing, especially with little things like the security guard playing Hearthstone 🙂

I’m hoping tomorrow to catch up on some of the panels and things that I’ve missed, but if I’m not up to it I have a couple of weeks to do so. So many things I want to do and not enough spoons to do them all. I can be excited and happy about them though 🙂

Happy Flappy Purple Penguin!

Update post (so I don’t forget in a few weeks/months/years when I need to remember stuff :P)!

  • I played lots of Diablo 3. It is fun 🙂 I bought the Reaper of Souls expansion when it became obvious I was going to finish it 🙂 I have now finished the story (including expansion) and when I last played it I was level 56 on my wizard.
  • I’ve started playing Minecraft again, on the Autcraft servers. It’s nice to not have to worry about neurotypical social constructs, and though most of the players are younger than me they’re really cool.
  • I got obsessed with Classic Alice and even took part in a Hangout with the cast. That was fun but rather draining 🙂 I asked if they’d considered children’s books for future episodes, and now they are doing so 😀
  • Nutritionist came out to try and figure out my weight from my arm measurements. It looks like I’m no longer underweight. Yay! The Fortisips are working.
  • I managed to arrange Sammie’s Easter eggs for the first time in a few years. No feeling guilty when I find them under the bed 10 months later 😛
  • Good Friday was good. I had my hair washed. First hair wash of the year! Also had chish and fips for tea, which is a Danni tradition I like to keep 🙂
  • Easter Sunday I soaked the bed by catching the end of the Hydrant tube under me and pulling it off. Johan had not long been asleep and so was really groggy and really struggled to get me sorted. That was very much unfun.
  • Later on I watched the church service on the telly. That was good. There was Indian dancing during the prayers. Then my TiVo box rebooted so I couldn’t watch any more. That was not so good, but luckily the service had finished by then.
  • Got payback from the Hangout/hair wash/bed soak. Felt really ill for a couple of weeks. Even ended up throwing up which rarely happens now with the heavy duty anti emetics I’m on.
  • 25th April was World Penguin Day. People sent lots of pictures of penguins for me and my waddle (apparently the agreed collective term on land- in the water they’re a raft). That made me happy 😀
  • 30th April started feeling much stronger than normal. Watched UP. Got annoyed at the TiVo box restarting lots. Cried a bit. It was a good film 🙂 Later on had cuddles with Johan which made up for it 🙂 Started pestering Johan to let me go in wheelchair. He said see how I am in a couple of days because he was worried about payback from watching UP and cuddles. We also took my curtain down so I could see outside again 🙂
  • Yesterday was still feeling stronger, so had loads more cuddles with Johan. I also wrote the previous blog post (which was hard and emotional for me) and finished a 1024 piece jigsaw puzzle on my tablet that I’d started a few days earlier. The picture was of an Emperor penguin and it’s chick 🙂
  • Today to Johan’s surprise I was feeling even better than the last two days. I got dressed in the morning in a rainbow dress, pink penguin socks, rainbow headscarf and cream cardigan. I was plotting…
  • The new U shaped cushion I’d ordered for my bed arrived. I ordered it with a lilac cover this time. I’m keeping the old one (which is rather flat now) as a spare, and I’m just accepting I’ll need to get a new one every year or so.
  • I also received a tube director for my Hydrant. It’s a neoprene cover for the tube with a bendy wire in it so you can angle it where you need it. I’m hoping it’ll prevent any more bed soakings.
  • After the cushion arrived (yay for delivery tracking that lets you know when it’ll be coming to the hour!) it was time for my big adventure- going outside! Johan helped me get into the wheelchair (though I managed to get up to sitting by myself with the bed’s help) and once I was settled in it and the worst of the dizziness had passed he took me out. We went down the ramp and I saw a butterfly and then as I wasn’t feeling amazing with the movement we stayed halfway down the ramp and I watched the traffic for a while. It was amazing! The sun felt warm on my skin, the wind was cold and it smelt really fresh. I was still feeling not too bad when I came back in, as I didn’t want to push it. On the way back I was able to see a bird’s nest (I could see it from my window in bed but wasn’t sure if it was a nest or not). I can still open our flat door with my feet 😀 The transfer back into bed was harder than the transfer into my wheelchair and I felt rather nauseous for a bit. The way Johan dragged me onto the bed we ended up kinda tangled in each other and we converted it into more cuddles for a few minutes, then he sat in my wheelchair next to me so we could have handholds without him restricting where I could lie on the bed. I’ve had such a good day and I’m the happiest Purple Penguin 😀
Danni outside in the sun with Penguin, Primrose and Poseidon
Danni outside in the sun with Penguin, Primrose and Poseidon

Diablo 3

As part of the World of Warcraft Annual Pass a couple of years ago, I got a free copy of Diablo 3. I wasn’t really well enough to play it, but now that Johan was playing the expansion and he said they’d made it a bit easier I decided to give it a go.

I’ve made myself a Wizard. So far she mostly runs around in a bra and not much else firing arcane missiles at various evil beings (and bookcases which hold gold instead of books). I’m hoping eventually she’ll gain some clothes as it’s got to be a bit cold. The story is interesting and the gameplay is easy enough on Normal for even my foggy brain. I’ve yet to come close to dying, and this is with me going pretty much blind during a boss fight (lasted about a minute – I just pressed my mouse buttons and when my vision came back it was obvious the boss had died a bit before). It’s impossible to fall off ledges and stuff, and I’ve rebound all my attacks to my mouse (a Razer Naga with 12 buttons on the side) so I rarely have to use the keyboard. I’m having fun and maybe my character will wear some clothes when she’s higher level.

Last week I had a date night with Johan. We got a takeaway and watched Despicable Me. It was a really good film and I was glad to see it. Unfortunately I’ve had quite a bit of payback since then and overall I’m not doing great. I’m not terrible either (can still get on computer and play some games) but needing a lot of sleep and having to take more medication than I really like to cope. A bit sucky but it could be a lot worse and I’ve been watching a lot of kittehs which has kept me very happy 🙂

I’ve not been playing very much World of Warcraft recently, but when I have been in game I’ve been working on pet battles and getting the items from rares in Pandaria on Danni. Now I have decent gear (mostly from Ordos and from when I was still running flexi raids) the only ones I really struggle with are Jinyu and Pandaren at level 90/91, and both of them I can get down with a bit of luck with their casts (not healing with Pandaren, only one Torrent for Jinyu). I managed to get Glorious! not too long ago so now I’m only focusing on those with items I want (which is all of them that aren’t gear). Since a lot of it is just flying around looking for the rares it’s been quite relaxing.

One thing I’m happy about is the launcher now lets me chat to people without being in a game 😀 I have a couple of friends I only talk to through so being able to communicate with them even when I’m not able to be in WoW/Hearthstone/Diablo is awesome. Not that I’m actually using it much, but having the option is great. Yay for improvements!

The domperidone is still making me dopey. Because of this I’m now calling it dopeydone and it won’t get its name back until it stops making me so out of it. It’s helping a tiny bit with digestion (at least making my digestive system noisier) but not doing much for the nausea so I’m still needing cyclizine sometimes. The combination of dopeydone and cyclizine makes me really out of it and often sleep. Could be a lot worse though so I’m sticking with it for now in the hope the dopiness eases off at some point.

It’s currently Autism Awareness Month which I’m mostly ignoring. I did write a couple of tweets for Autism Awareness Day (2nd April) but otherwise I don’t plan on doing anything. I could have delayed my previous blog post until this month but meh 😛 I’ve been having a lot of fun discussing people who lack autism with Johan though, and how weird they are and what a tragedy it is to lack autism 😉

My sister Becca has been diagnosed with ME this week. It is not a surprise as such as she’s been ill for a while now, but still it’s sad as I don’t like her being ill. I’ve been lecturing her for a while to take it easy and stop pushing to do things, and she says she’ll actually do it now (she’s looked after me so knows what severe ME can be like). There’s definitely a genetic component to it, though interestingly Becca doesn’t have the hypermobility I have (nor can she touch her nose with her tongue, which everyone else can do). I’m going to try and support her as much as possible and hopefully she’ll learn from my mistakes and not become as ill as I am now. She told me she was bored, so I jokingly told her to start a blog. She actually did, and you can see it: waddlewddle.

Johan is currently defrosting the freezer. Turns out the fast freeze option has been on since we moved in, which would explain why the drawers had frozen solid. We’ve lost a bit of food but being able to use all the drawers again will be great and I did get an ice lolly which was nice 🙂 This coming week we’ll be doing a big shop to restock the freezer and I’m hoping to write an email to social services asking about the hoist. I’ve also got various things to buy so that will be interesting. Hopefully I’ll start feeling a bit better as well 🙂