Minecraft is Awesome

I think I might not be very well. The last few days I’ve needed extra meds, have spent most of my time asleep, and have felt rather more rotten than is normal for me. I feel bad as I’ve mostly been asleep when the carer is here so they’ve not been able to help, and I keep needing to wake Johan up so he’s not getting enough sleep. I’m hoping this is just a blip and not a relapse.

When I have been awake and fully drugged up I’ve been playing Minecraft on my WoW guild’s server. Have set up some mining turtles on the mining world (Mystcraft age), created some Ender chests, and made myself some long fall boots (Portal mod), quantum leggings and helmet and a GraviChestPiece which means I can fly as if I’m in creative mode while in survival, as well as some other funky stuff. Johan has also been playing with me and we have teleporters set up between our bases so we can help each other out. We’re still way behind Lather on technology though, as he has all his machines automated and has a nuclear fusion reactor. He has helped us both out a lot though and meant we could take shortcuts.

I’ve been enjoying Minecraft and it’s been a good distraction, but after becoming massively nauseous this morning I’ve realised while this ill I should probably rest more and play less Minecraft. Blizzcon is this weekend and I want to be well enough to watch that so I think I’ll skip the computer for a bit. I’ve not really been playing WoW the last week or so but haven’t minded the break too much. I have so much I want to do and not enough energy or health to do them all 😛

I’m glad my brain is working a little better now though than it was. I’ve been reading ebooks and fan fiction, mostly teen and young adult dystopian fiction, and though I’m still a lot slower than I used to and my recall is terrible I am able to read them, which is good. Will be a while before I’m back up to three books a day (partially as I don’t have unlimited money and the library’s ebook range is tiny compared to their physical range, partially as I’m so slow) but I’m managing two or three a week now. I’m tracking the books I want on Goodreads and Luzme- the latter tells me when those I want are reduced in price so I can pick them up while they’re cheap or free 🙂

So a mixed bag really. The last blog post I wrote I pressed publish before I’d finished writing it on the Android app, and was too out of it the fix it then it had been too long so I left it. At least I’d finished the paragraph before publishing 😛 We ended up having one ring at the door on Halloween but Johan wasn’t coping so didn’t answer it. I wish I could have as I’d love to have seen some kids in costume having fun (I heard them and they sounded quite young).

Tonight is Bonfire Night. I can’t see fireworks from my bed so I’ll keep the ear plugs and defenders ready and hope they’re not too noisy. Maybe next year I’ll get to go to the organised display as it’s not too far away. We’ll see 🙂 In the meantime the penguins are looking after me so I’ll be fine.

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