WTB: Better Neighbours

Been trying to write a proper blog post for ages. Brain not working enough. Decided on a list instead to get things down.

  • Blizzcon happened. Was amazing. Still not watched everything I wanted to (kept falling asleep) but I’m very excited for Warlords of Draenor and Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm sounds good too.
  • Have been playing Minecraft recently. Currently working on automating all my machines and breeding bees. Advice from friend who has done bee breeding is don’t. There is a lot to it so he might have a point 😛
  • Sometimes playing World of Warcraft, especially flexi runs with my guild. Brain brokened = terrible healer. Still fun though 🙂 My UI is buggy and I’m not well enough to sort it out.
  • Wanted to write something for the This is Autism flash blog. Wasn’t well enough. Instead read lots of blog posts and they were good. Linky ->  http://thisisautismflashblog.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Health is not so great. Seems this time of year is not good for me. Told CFS team I was improving then a week later started deteriorating again. Having sleep paralysis and other scary symptoms again.
  • Neighbours are main cause of deteriorating health. They are being really noisy again. We have told the council and there are anti social behaviour cases against both upstairs and across from us (upstairs are worse but across has been bad as well). I haven’t have a full night’s sleep since across from us returned from who-knows-where.
  • Our key safe was stolen. Coincidentally, it was stolen after the upstairs neighbours were watching my carer use it. Because of that our flat and both communal doors have had to have the locks changed. That is a big hassle we could have done without. It also means we’re back to Johan opening the door for the carers, and he’s missing out on stuff he wants to do.
  • For now, my care and equipment stuff is on hold. My GP wants me to see the consultant again before having the case conference about it. I don’t think my GP realises how ill I am, as she keeps wanting me to go for hospital appointments and I’m not really well enough. I was discharged from the consultant as I was too ill to go see him, when I was doing a lot better than I am now. Constantly being asked about it is not helping.
  • I’m becoming less able to do certain stuff. Emails are impossible (I’ve been trying to write one for the past two months, and it’s urgent) as it communicating the information to someone else to write it for me. Speech is getting harder. Doing a food shop online is nearly impossible, and Johan is struggling as well. I am getting a bit concerned about it.
  • Had first McDonalds in over a year. Would be on a day where my digestive system was in full rebellion so I couldn’t enjoy it. It was the day Johan felt up to getting it though so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.
  • I think I’m losing weight again. Can’t be certain but my clothes/pyjamas are feeling looser and Johan’s noticed my fingers are looking thinner. I really need to keep my weight up but eating is hard 🙁
  • I have Christmas to sort out, especially Sammie’s Christmas and birthday presents. Her main Christmas present is ordered but I need to get everything else. I have some ideas but need to check they’ll work, which means writing that email…
  • I want to swap some of my distraction spoons (that I use for watching telly, gaming and reading) for doing stuff spoons (for use on food shops, emails and other stuff). Unfortunately when I’m not distracting myself then the pain and blehness and feeling horrendous gets worse, and that’s what is interfering with the getting things done.
  • I have not been on social networks or up to chatting much recently. See blehness and stuff.
  • I have finally caught up with the last season of Doctor Who and am looking forward to the 50th anniversary episode. Not sure if I’ll be able to watch it as it’s broadcast though I’ll try 🙂
  • My Virgin Media TiVo box now has Netflix. This makes it easier to watch stuff on there without needing to turn my computer on first. Only UK stuff but there’s some awesome kid’s stuff I can watch when not well 🙂
  • I have penguins. Penguins are awesome.

I’m sure I’ve missed tons of stuff, but at least this way I’ve got something down.

4 thoughts on “WTB: Better Neighbours

  1. Hi Danni,

    No idea how your doc expects you to get to hospital appointments. I have the same problem, though I’m not nearly as sick as you are, and I can’t do it, so how you’re supposed to I can’t imagine. It’s an absurd idea.

    It might be worth writing to your GP (could John do it?), and explaining in detail your restrictions, and what you can and, more importantly, can’t do.

    I had to do that. No idea if it did any good, but at least it’s on record, so he can’t complain when I don’t keep appointments (mind you, I seem to have missed most appointments this year because I was already in hospital!).

    Here’s hoping we all have a better one next year.

    No need to reply, by the way – you’ve got enough to deal with.

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