(All times are approximate.)

9.30am- Woke up to the most horrendous metal on metal clanging noise. Body screaming at me, feeling extremely nauseous and deathly ill. Not the nicest way to wake up. Johan comes in, gives me painkillers and anti nausea tablet and heats up penguins for me. I put ear defenders and sunglasses on, Johan puts curtain up over blind to block out more light.

10.00am- Morning carer arrives. Feel far too ill to have any personal care done, there are no dishes and there’s no way I could cope with the washing machine. Carer tells me to feel better and signs the book and leaves. Not long after, drilling accompanies the metal clanging noises.

10.30am- Anti nausea tablet kicks in so I stop feeling like I’m going to throw up. Go on tablet with sunglasses on to distract myself from the noise and how ill I’m feeling. Go on twitter for a bit. Noise continues.

11.50am- The sedative effect of the anti nausea tablet kicks in. Swap sunglasses for eye mask, and fall asleep. Still drilling, banging and metal clanging noise.

Some time later- Wake up to pain from ear defenders (I sleep on my side and they’re not the most comfortable things to wear, though using my neck cushion around them helps). Notice noise has stopped so take them off. Fall asleep again.

At some point during this time Johan goes to Newcastle, buys Munchkin and some dice, and comes back again. I don’t notice as I’m asleep.

6pm- Wake up. Feel drugged up but not as ill. Johan comes into bedroom and is very excited about dice and Munchkin. Tells me he wants to play it with me some time. I agree. I go on tablet and go on Twitter again, with normal glasses as not as light sensitive any more. Johan gives me painkillers and heats up penguins for me.

7.00pm- Feel a bit peckish, so get some crackers from my snack drawer and Johan brings me some cheese. They are nommy.

7.30pm- Still feeling really drugged up and drowsy but pain is bearable. Decide to go into living room as don’t know if the morning will cause me to relapse and want to get stuff done. Johan helps me into my wheelchair, tilts it back,  sorts out my pillows, and pushes me into the living room. Go on computer and play games.

8.30pm- Evening carer arrives. Language processing is all used up from chatting to Johan earlier, but know that body is too delicate to manage any personal care. Johan takes book out for evening carer to sign. I’m in World of Warcraft and wanting to get my dailies done as I can do them almost on autopilot now.

11.10pm (now)- Still on computer, writing this blog post. I feel okayish so long as I don’t move. Ability to chat is broken, but can type randomly okay. Will be going back to bed at some point. Still feel very drugged up but could be worse. I’m hoping that we did enough this morning that I don’t relapse, as too much noise is my main relapse trigger. Won’t find out for a day or two, so am doing preparation work in case I do relapse.

And that is why I’ve not written a proper blog post today.

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