Adventures in Penguin Shopping

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Nov 212015

Went out today! First went into Gateshead and got my head shaved at a barbershop (they initially said they couldn’t do me until Johan explained what I wanted). I now have basically no hair and it feels weird but it’ll be nice to not have to worry about washing it for a while.

I felt okay and we were a bit hungry so decided to go into Newcastle for food. We went to Wagamama as I’d never been there before and Johan likes it. I had dumplings which were very nice. Getting the Metro was difficult as it was as everyone was travelling to see the Newcastle football match, but we managed to get me on.

We went to Grainger Market next, where Johan failed to find any games in the retro gaming shop and I found a penguin cupcake in French Oven. I’m still full from lunch so will have to eat it later. Next was Geek Retreat which was very crowded. I think I’ll go back when there’s less people as it was hard to see what was there, but I had a nice hot chocolate.

Looked in Forbidden Planet and then Travelling Man. I couldn’t find anything I wanted in Forbidden Planet but bought Pandemic from Travelling Man as I’ve been interested in it for a while and we were wanting a game that works well with two players. Getting around these small shops is hard in my tank πŸ˜›

We were starting to think about home, but the Newcastle match had just finished and I knew the Metro would be packed. I also had misplaced my gloves and as the temperature was now below freezing asked to go to Primark to buy some more. On the way Johan looked in PC World for a keyboard (he couldn’t find the one be wanted) and I got confused by the pile of monitors in the middle of the aisle in a shop which is otherwise easy to get around (though the displays are too high for a wheelchair user).

In Primark I found some really big penguin thermal socks, and then two different pairs of penguin gloves. We looked at the warm slippers but couldn’t find any in my size. While doing so I managed to knock the penguin cushion under my legs so I couldn’t feel it, and thought I’d dropped it. We ended up backtracking and Johan asked the staff before he checked and found it. Near the counter I spied a multipack of normal penguin socks, so bought them as well. While helping me sort things out Johan found the gloves I’d already been wearing under the Trabasack but I’d bought penguin stuff so it was worth it. I was very tired by now so we went home.

It’s been a really good day. I probably overdid it but it’ll have been worth it. The most exhausting thing wasn’t being in my chair and it, but trying to communicate as I had no voice and typing was difficult while moving. I think if I go out when I can’t speak again I should take a Bluetooth keyboard as it’ll make typing much easier.

Tomorrow if I feel okay I want to go on my computer as I’ve not been on since fixing my tablet and I think it’s been over a week since I was on to do fun stuff. I also need to start finalising my Christmas shopping lists. Before then though I think I need to sleep πŸ˜›

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Nov 202015

The original plan was to go until Newcastle to see Becca but she wasn’t able to make it so as I’m tired we’re going out tomorrow instead. Hopefully I’ll get more than the 1 1/2 hours of sleep I managed this morning.

I’ve mostly been playing the game Loop on my tablet today. It’s very addictive and good for when I don’t have much brain power as I find it easy to work out.

When everyone was out I put the music on the telly really loud* as I couldn’t disturb anyone. I was singing along and flapping and my heart rate went over 150bpm. Whoops. Guess that’s my exercise for the week and I hope I don’t get payback. I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for the FitBit as I felt okay at the time. I also made a couple of loom band bracelets to try some new patterns. I’m managing intermediate level stuff now πŸ™‚

Hoping tomorrow I’ll be awake enough to out as I really want to get my hair shaved off. There’s a barbers in Gateshead that looks good so will see if they’re up to the challenge of managing it with me in my chair. I was thinking of Newcastle but maybe on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas isn’t the best time. I’ll go into Newcastle on a weekday to see Fenwick’s window πŸ™‚ I’m tired enough now to sleep through to morning if my brain will let me. Nicky’s new body is so soft and fluffy that I love cuddling them.

*Really loud = volume 20 instead of volume 15.

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Amazon Prime Now

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Nov 192015

Slept during the day so have done nothing really productive, waking up about quarter past eleven this evening. Tomorrow I’m going out so I really need to fix this.

This morning I wanted toast for breakfast for breakfast, and we had no bread. As Johan was going out he couldn’t go to the shop, so I used the new Amazon Prime Now delivery service to buy some (along with milk, chocolate, biscuits, tracksuit bottoms and a FitBit Charge HR). I placed the order at 9.14am and it arrived at 9.37am. That is the ultimate in impulse shopping πŸ˜› I’m unlikely to use the within the hour delivery unless it’s a real emergency as it’s Β£6.99, but if they have what I want then I might use the 2 hour same day delivery as that doesn’t cost any extra as I’m already on Prime.

The FitBit is interesting. For some reason it was cheaper on Prime Now than on Amazon’s normal site (Β£69.99 compared to Β£124 for the one I wanted). I’ve not figured out how to get it to show my heart rate on my tablet in real time yet, as that’s what I mostly want it for, but it has been interesting seeing how simple tasks like rolling over and eating raise my heart rate. It did think I was asleep when I was just resting this morning but luckily it was easy to correct. When I did fall asleep it seemed to be pretty accurate, also realising when I woke up for Johan coming in. I’m going to class any time sat up as exercise to try and find out how it affects my heart rate.

It was a nice carer this morning. She came on time and is fed up of the agency missing calls and stuff. She got me an email address so I should be able to email them about things now. I’ll probably set up a template for asking where the carer is so if they don’t turn up I can just send an email without worrying about how to write it. The carer made me some nommy toast, got me dressed in comfy clothes (including my new tracksuit bottoms, which are too short but otherwise fit) and is going to ask the agency to put me on her rota for every morning except her day off. This would be great for us as we really like her and she’s one of only two carers I feel safe dealing with by myself.

The evening carer turned up but I had sleep paralysis so wasn’t able to tell her I was awake. I was very tired anyway as I’d not been back to sleep for that long. I don’t think Johan spoke to her.

I’m excited about going out tomorrow. The pain has eased off a little bit- not quite back to normal but more bearable. A lot of it was digestive issues because I ate too much fruit and veg. I need to remember they don’t agree with me and to only have small amounts, even though they’re so nice. I’m hoping to get some sleep before I go out, even if it’s just while Johan is at the day service thingie. If I can get some more sleep tonight though I’d be very happy. Hopefully with having had a decent carer it’ll be easier to sleep.

Nicky’s new body has arrived and I’ll be using penguin magic to transfer them into their new body. I think Patricia is missing Johan a bit πŸ™‚ I also got my noise cancelling headphones which are weird but do seem to work for blocking out noise. I’ll be testing them properly tomorrow when I go out. Squee!

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Nov 182015

Anxiety is ebil. Not being able to sleep at night because scared someone will break in or have a violent fight or other silly things that aren’t likely but my brain insists will happen when I’m asleep. I stayed awake for the morning carer and no-one showed up. It was about 12pm before I managed to fall asleep.

Being asleep most of the day means I’ve done nothing productive. Pain levels have been higher than normal and I’m not sure why. I need to do a food shop but it requires more brain power than I have right now. Decided I’m not getting out of bed until Friday and we have a plan for if I’m still hurting so much then.

I’m getting a bit obsessed with Neko Atsume. My current strategy is to buy the most expensive items first. I’m starting to get lots of mementos which is awesome πŸ™‚

Johan is helping by sitting in my room, dosing me up on painkillers and heating penguins. We found a hole in Nicky’s wing so I’ve bought her a new body and Patricia (Johan’s penguin) is helping in the meantime. I’ve noticed it’s the newer penguins developing holes which is concerning. I hope the new one lasts longer. I also took the opportunity to buy noise cancelling headphones, a second Rainbow Loom and 2100 loom bands for 46p. The advantage of getting into it late πŸ™‚

I’m ho
I’m hoping tomorrow will be better. At least there are penguins πŸ™‚

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Nov 172015

Had a very long sleep- from just after 8pm last night to 9.40am this morning. Unfortunately I’ve been feeling rather zombified and boaty today, so not been able to do much. What doesn’t help is my index finger on my left hand is sore from holding in the power button on my tablet yesterday. I’ve also been in more pain than is normal for me which is making me a tad grumpy.

Had two decent carers today. Yay! We got a phone call from the agency (Communication! Yay!) saying it would be a new carer and she’d be here about 10.30am as the one I was meant to have had called in sick, then the carer arrived just after 10am so we were a bit confused but it was okay. Had bacon for breakfast as Johan had dropped the last two duck eggs πŸ˜›

Spent most of the day reading articles online and blog posts, with a bit of tablet game playing as well. Luckily I’d backed up all my apps before changing the rom on my tablet so I didn’t lose any progress πŸ™‚

Ow. Someone just slammed the communal door and the noise has made me lose my voice πŸ™ Boo. Hopefully it’ll come back soon. Also made me nauseous but I’m hoping not to need cyclizine because I’m zombie enough.

The evening carer was one of my favourite ones from this agency. She made me salmon and chips for tea and helped me get into pyjamas and stuff. Was good. She’s meant to be coming on Friday evening so I was able to warn her I might not be in as seeing Becca. I hope the zombiness is gone by then.

I probably shouldn’t have started reading The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer yesterday. I thought it was one of my young adult dystopian books, not one about someone with mental illness. What I’ve read is good but maybe I’ll save finishing it for when I’m a bit less anxious and panicky. I read Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson HaddixΒ before that which I’d been wanting to read for years. That was good and I’m wanting to continue the series.

Brains. Grr. Argh.

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Tablet Trouble

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Nov 162015

Been awake since last night so very tired. Morning carer didn’t come into the flat (door was unlocked and she’s meant to have keys anyway) so didn’t have a care call this morning. Johan had just got out of the shower so couldn’t get the door when she knocked on the door. We thought it it must have been for another flat or something.

Managed to soft brick my tablet trying to install a new rom. It was stuck in a boot loop and I couldn’t even get into recovery so had to go on puter for a bit to fix it. Sorted now but I hope not to do that again any time soon. Once I’ve finished configuring my apps again I’m going to take a backup and try not to break recovery so I can use it if I need to. I’m still pretty pleased I was able to fix it without Johan’s help.

I had buttered toast this morning that tasted so good. I think I need to convince Johan he’s good at it so he’ll make me more πŸ™‚ I’ve had too much fruit and veg the last few days so my digestive system has been more painful and bloaty than normal for me. One day I’ll learn they’re bad for Danni’s in anything other than small portions. They stay in my stomach longer than pretty much anything else as well.

Hopefully staying awake until 8pm will fix my sleeping pattern. I hope so as I’ve got stuff I want to do. If not then I at least hope I’ll be awake on Friday.

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Penguin Sleep

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Nov 152015

In the early hours of this morning I made most of a loom band penguin that I just need to stuff and then finish, but this morning I managed to misplace it so I need to find it so I can do so and take photos. I discovered when trying to make the wings that my hands just aren’t coordinated enough to do crochet or knitting, as I kept dropping stuff while trying to loop and having to start again. At least on the loom I only have to worry about one hand at a time πŸ™‚

I managed to be awake for the morning carer. She seemed to think 5 seconds of teeth brushing is enough. I know I don’t often manage 2 minutes but that’s short even for me. She did make me bacon and eggs though which were nice.

Since then I’ve slept most of the day and only woke up at half eleven. Hoping to see my sister Becca on Friday with her fiancΓ© so will be resting up for that. It’s been ages since I saw her so that’ll be nice πŸ™‚

Now I’m hungry so I need to ask Johan to make me some food. I just hope he doesn’t complain too much. One day I’ll fix my sleeping pattern but apparently not today.

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Nov 142015

I’ve currently got a problem where I can’t sleep at night. Since that’s when other people sleep and most things happen during the day, that’s an issue. I’m hoping that I’ll soon get over the anxiety and paranoia that’s stopping me sleeping then.

Carer arrived this morning 50 minutes late, as the carer who was meant to be coming phoned in sick, and I was about to get stuff done when her perfume hit me. Since she was still standing in my doorway it must have been extremely strong as I was struggling to breathe without her coming close. I asked her to leave (no strong perfumes is on my care plan and door) and it took over half an hour for the smell to dissipate. Not what I was wanting. I was hoping to wake up for the evening carer, but they came in so quietly that Johan didn’t even realise they’d been until he heard her putting the keys back into the keysafe. I had set an alarm but it didn’t go off for some reason, so I’ll try again tomorrow. The one time I wanted to be woken up it didn’t happen πŸ˜› (I don’t blame the carer for that.)

Spoke to Sammie this evening and she beat me in the Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone. She’s definitely getting better at the game- making better decisions and understanding what to do more. I took a break to watch Doctor Who then we talked after while she was playing Minecraft and I was working on a loom band bracelet. Speaking to her cheers me up loads πŸ˜€

My setup for making a loom band bracelet. Trabasack with loom, hook and bands sorted (plus spares as I didn't know if I'd need any more).

My setup for making a loom band bracelet. Trabasack with loom, hook and bands sorted (plus spares as I didn’t know if I’d need any more).


I’ve managed to make two loom band bracelets in the last couple of days, both reversible and based off fishtail patterns. The first is called a reversible slipfish, and I made it with glitter jelly bands from my massive box of loom bands (it has 15,000 bands in that should keep me going for a bit). I first tried it a couple of days ago but made a mistake that was really noticeable and too far down to really repair, and I wasn’t happy with the way the colours had gone so while I couldn’t sleep last night I decided to start again. The design makes my hands sore and crampy quite quickly so I have to take a break every couple of minutes, but I managed to finish it tonight while talking to Sammie. I really like the design and I want to experiment with different ways of creating it to see what happens when I’m more confident. The only problem I really had was the glitter from the bands getting everywhere, so my bed Trabasack and top are now covered in glitter πŸ™‚ The YouTube video tutorial is atΒ

The second is called the 5 pin funky fish, and I decided to use multicoloured bands for that one. As I made it using a monster loom it was a lot easier on my hands so I could go longer before needing breaks, and I managed to complete it in a couple of hours. I like how there’s two fishtails on one side and three on the other. The tutorial video is atΒ I’m getting better at making them though I still have an issue with bands twisting and sometimes making mistakes, though that’s also giving me lots of practice in how to go back and fix them. I think I might be able to consider loom knitting as not needing to hold everything up and being able to put it down whenever is what’s making this possible for me, along with only needing to concentrate on what one hand is doing (and I alternate them to try and cope with cramping).

One side of the reversible bracelets. The SlipFish is on the left, the 5 Pin Funky Fish is on the right.

One side of the reversible bracelets. The SlipFish is on the left, the 5 Pin Funky Fish is on the right.

The other side of the reversible bracelets.

The other side of the reversible bracelets.

I’m hoping tomorrow to maybe be able to go out, or at least get into my chair. I’m also going to try really hard to be awake for the evening carer as I need my hair washing desperately. The next time I get into Gateshead or Newcastle when places are open I’m hoping to go to a barbers to get all my hair shaved off, but until then I’ll just need to figure out what to do with it.

I’m also looking for dystopian young adult fiction where romance isn’t one of the central themes. This is harder than it should be. Why does it always have to involve love interests, and often a love triangle? There’s more important things to be doing! Silly books. I noticed as a kid that most pop songs were about love or romance in some way, and didn’t like it. Even now I get irritated by many songs are like that. Come up with other topics please?

Before I come off puter tonight I’m hoping to catch up on some more of the Blizzcon panels I missed, and work out what bracelet to make next. This is addicting πŸ™‚

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Nov 132015

Has been a weird day. My original plan was to have the morning carer make me bacon and eggs, sleep until the evening carer, have my hair washed then go on my puter to speak to Sammie. It didn’t go to plan.

The carer this morning just never showed up. It was very windy so every time I heard a noise I was on edge just in case it was the key safe. Johan stayed until 10.30am then had to leave for his day service, so he gave me some fruit as I was hungry and he didn’t have time to cook me anything. I stayed awake until 12.30am and though someone knocked on the door around 11.30am, I don’t know who it was and if it was a carer they’re meant to use the key safe as I’m not able to let them in.

Since I didn’t get to sleep until 12.30pm, I didn’t wake up until 7pm, missing the evening carer (who did come, and was a nice one who is going to ask the agency why carers aren’t showing up). Once painkillers had kicked in and things I went on puter to talk to Sammie and Johan made me bacon and eggs. The food was nommy (they were duck eggs for a treat) and Sammie has had a really good day so that cheered me up really well. She told me she was glad that I’m autistic as she thinks it’s better for her, as she’s grown up knowing about it and her best friend is also autistic. I thought that was really sweet πŸ™‚

After both downloading the Hearthstone patch we managed a quick game of the tavern brawl before she had to go to bed. She’s asked me to tell her the backstory of Nefarian and Ragnaros so I need to revise that before I next speak to her (I kinda know it from playing World of Warcraft but it’s been a while since I’ve been in Blackrock so it’s a bit fuzzy). I had a lucky win, as I was Raggy and my hero power hit Nef’s face. If it had missed Sammie probably would have won πŸ˜›

I was on a big high from talking to Sammie and planning to talk to her again tomorrow, when I saw the news about the attacks in Paris. I have a friend visiting there and he’s okay, but I really hope it ends soon. I hate it when bad things happen and I hope those behind it are brought to justice. For now I just want everyone to stay safe, and I’ll keep praying.

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Nov 122015

I got some new penguin feet slippers today. They are cool. Also was able to sit in my chair to see CFS team. They are happy I’m getting up and helped me with plan on getting up more. Also recommended wheelchair services as I’m at risk of pressure sores in my chair (not enough padding on my bum). I wore my new penguin shirt and it fits nicely.

No carer this morning. Was annoying as I wanted stuff doing. I only got 3 1/2 hours sleep before waking up this morning at 10am so am tired now. Johan and Esther are going into Durham to see light thingies so Johan cancelled the evening call so I can sleep. Silly body not letting me get to sleep until 6.30am. Being nocturnal is slightly more natural for me but doesn’t work with society. My complete randomness now works even less.

Johan has promised to take photos of light thingies. I’m going to take photos  of loom band bracelets tomorrow when I’ve slept more. Hoping for more time in chair this week πŸ™‚

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